TuffSub - Patterned Toughened Mirror

TuffSub - Patterned Toughened Mirror

TuffSub - Patterned Toughened Mirror

TuffSub – Tile Pattern / Customisable Toughened Mirrors


For some time FGS Glass have been trying to think of new and innovative ways to use glass products to create a tiled effect in Kitchens, Bathrooms and Commercial Applications. We wanted to create the look of traditional tiling, without the issues of cleaning grout and lengthy, high installation costs. We created FGS 3DS which is a 3D glass in set patterns and TuffSub (Patent Pending) which is a truly customisable Toughened Mirror. A product that is truly customisable – you are able to decide on the pattern, size of pattern, colour of the mirror and grout colour. . Making your Kitchen, Bathroom, Cafe, Bar, Restaurant truly unique.  FGS Glass believe that ‘2 heads are better than one’ and by using a collaborative approach, an FGS team was able to come up with the ideas to create a unique, exclusive Patterned Toughened Mirror.

We have included some patterns that we like, throughout this website. However, you can choose your own pattern, your own pattern size, your choice of 4 mirror colours and your choice of grout colour. Take a look at our Standard Patterns. You can even choose your own artwork, multiple paint colours on Crystal or, you are only held back by your own imagination. We have created a website dedicated to TuffSub, CLICK HERE to be forwarded to the site.

TuffSub would be ideal for

  • Kitchen Splashbacks
  • Unique Bathroom Mirrors
  • Cafes and Bars
    • Add your Business name or logo
  • Gymnasiums
  • Lifts and Lift Wells

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