Laminated Glass

Laminated Glass

FGS offer a wide range of Laminated Glass products, with the key aim, ensuring they are safe products. FGS offer

  • SGP Interlayer (VueSafe)
    • This is a structural interlayed laminated glass. It is capable of producing Handrail Free Balustrading due to it being 100 times stiffer and 5 times stronger than PVB. VueSafe can be used in Handrail Free Balustrading, Structural Glass Floors, Cyclone/Bomb resistant Windows, Doors, glass flooring, skylights and Facades
  • PVB Interlayer (LamSafe)
    • This is a safety laminated glass product than ensures the glass stays in one piece when broken. This can have applications in Windows, Balustrades, Roof Panels, Flooring, Curtain Walls etc  PVB is very versatile, even coming in multi colours
  • Vanceva Interlayer (ColourSafe)
    • This product gives all of the safety benefits of PVB but comes in more that 17,000 transparent, translucent and opaque colours. This can be added to buildings or other applications to create colour, moods and messages.
  • TreadSafe
    • TreadSafe can use SGP, PVB, Vanceva mixed with amazing non slip surfaces to create an amazing array of glass flooring, treads and even viewing windows in swimming pools. To learn more about Non Slip Flooring, please click this link

Whatever application you require Laminated Glass for FGS have you covered. Contact our Technical Laminating Manager on 03 8562 0880 for quotes, help and guidance in your Laminated Glass journey.


FGS Glass can crate and deliver Laminated Glass to anywhere in Australia

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