Glass Types

With the recent introduction of Double Glazing at FGS Glass, we now offer a complete range of different glass types. We are truly a ‘One Stop Glass Shop’.  The Glass Types held by FGS are:

Double Glazing

Energy Efficient Glass for all occasions. Single and Double Glazed


Toughened Mirror with bespoke designs and patterns


Tile Effect Glass Splashback without the Grout

Clear Glass

Clear glass is one of the most common and versatile glass products on the market today. Its use and application are limitless offering high optical clarity and brightness to compliment any setting.

Crystal Clear

Crystal Clear glass is an ultra-clear low iron glass aesthetically beautiful and uncompromising in application. Free from the intrinsic green hue present in clear glass, colours appear more vibrant and stunning when viewed through the unsurpassed clarity of Crystal Clear glass.


The original Low Iron Glass. Affording a unique clarity and brightness which allows colours to be viewed in near perfect fidelity

Satin Frost (Acid Etched)

Acid Etch glass is a translucent glass which offers a soft diffusion of light through a satin like finish etched into the surface. Silhouettes are subtly obscured and lines softened to provide countless opportunities for both internal and external applications.

Crystal Frost

Crystal Frost glass is an ultra-clear low iron acid etched glass aesthetically beautiful and uncompromising in application. Free from the intrinsic green hue present in clear acid etched glass.


Mirrors add a new dimension to any room by creating an illusion of space that belies the physical limitations placed upon it. This unique product enhances the natural light on offer to provide eye catching features with a visual charm without equal.

Painted Glass

Painted glass will add a sleek, stylish and contemporary finish to any room that was once the bastion of ceramics only. With a prismatic array of colours available to provide limitless options and a choice of glass to suit any room, you can luxuriate in the fact that your colour choice will be faithfully replicated in our state of the art facility.


Tuffmirror is a highly reflective pyrolytic glass that can be toughened and painted to look like a Tinted Mirror. The main application for Tuffmirror is where a toughened mirror look is required. Tuffmirror does not look like a highly silvered mirror, it is more like a mirror that uses a tinted glass. 


TuffSilver Crystal is a toughenable highly reflective glass, that when painted looks like a normal annealed silver mirror. The semi-soft reflective coat is applied to a Low Iron Glass, to make the clarity even sharper. This means you can get the look of a silver mirror in a toughened state. 

Laminated Glass

Whatever application you require Laminated Glass for FGS have you covered

Non Slip Flooring

FGS have 2 types of different non slip flooring. These can be used in conjunction with Custom Toughened Laminated Glass and can either be directly laminated to the other pieces of glass or can be used as a sacrificial piece of glass on laminated flooring. As a sacrificial layer, this piece of glass can be easily replaced if it breaks or gets damaged. 

Tinted Glass

Tinted Glass is available in many colours including Grey, Bronze and Green

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