Optimising & Programming

Optimising and Programming

FGS Optimse and Program all of their processed glass through an onsite team. We have a highly skilled team with many years of experience. We think they are one of the best teams in the business. This team covers the following areas:


Optimising the cutting of the glass to ensure as little glass as possible is wasted. We typically take 3660 x 2440 sheets of glass and we have to create a complex nest, fitting shapes together as closely as possible, to ensure the least amount of glass as possible ends up in the bin. Waste glass is expensive, so high yield optimisation is essential.

Digitising Templates

Our Customers often struggle to accurately measure difficult shapes, in difficult areas. They often make templates that accurately represent the size of the glass that is required. We have to take a photo of the template, using a specially calibrated camera. This photo is then fed into a custom piece of software that digitises the edges of glass, hole locations and shapes. This is a difficult process to do but we have considerable experience, that makes our template measuring highly accurate.


Customers supply drawings of their required glass in many ways. Ranging from ‘chook scratchings’ to .dxf files. We then need to take this information and turn it into something that our CNC machines can use.

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FGS Glass are 140 years in the making, with a rich history starting in the wool industry. Initially being formed under the George Fethers banner, FGS are now a stand alone Company.

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