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FGS Glass commissioned their new Custom Toughened Laminating Line at the start of March 2018. This new process is complementary to our existing high quality CNC Machines, High Service Levels and also our Hardware offer.  FGS Glass produce Glass Laminates using 5mm to 15mm thick glass, in different substrates, using SGP, PVB, Vanceva and other interlayers. This means FGS produce laminated glass with an overall thickness starting at 11mm, going to a maximum thickness of over 50mm. Just ask us about any thickness and we will see if it can be done.

The new line is not a high volume line, it has been built to produce boutique, high end, quality glass laminate panels. We are producing a standard edge finish on all panels but will also be offering a high end edge finish called EDGE+  This edge finish is the new benchmark in the Australian Market Place. This Industry has suffered from poor edge work for many years, FGS were only going to be prepared to enter the Glass Laminates Market if they could guarantee that they would be able to produce edgework far superior to their competition. During 2017 FGS found a partner to help them take edge finish to a whole new level and from week 1, FGS are now  producing high quality edge work.

FGS Glass have also introduced their own range of non slip flooring that can either be laminated or used as a sacrificial layer on top of a laminated floor. More information can be found in our Non Slip Flooring section

We have spent some time looking at the way SGP cools and forms on corners. We have used this data to create the optimum radius corner on the the glass, to produce the most aesthetically pleasing result, than complements our EDGE+ finish. Click to find out more about SGP Radius Corners


FGS Glass can crate and deliver Glass Laminates to anywhere in Australia

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