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FGS Glass have designed and manufactured a number of Sample Boards to help you show your Customers the difference between different types of glass. We hope that these boards will help you to be able to sell more of the products we are offering on the boards. We also hope it will help you upsell some of these products to your customers, if this is done well both you and ourselves will make a little more margin.

The Boards are:-

  • VueSafe SGP Laminate
    • This will help to show your customer the quality of the edge work and corners on our VueSafe Laminate with Edge+
  • TuffSilver / TuffMirror
    • This sample will show your customer all 4 toughened mirror products that are in the FGS Glass range. It will cover TuffSilver Crystal / Grey and TuffMirror Classic / Pewter
  • Satin Frost / Crystal Frost
    • This sample board shows the difference between both of our acid etched products. It shows the green tinge in the Satin Frost and the clarity of the Low Iron Crystal Frost. Showing this difference against a white background, really highlights the improve aesthetics
  • Clear / Crystal Clear
    • This is a reprint of an existing board that has been used to great effect. This has been very successful in upselling Shower customers, especially if the have white or light coloured tiling. Again it clearly shows the green tinge of the ordinary clear glass against the clarity of the Low Iron Crystal Clear

What do I have to do?

If you would like all, some or one of these Sample Boards, please complete the request below and submit. The first Sample Board will be free but you can order more from our online shop. The link to the online shop is highlighted, please click this and submit your order.

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