Low Iron (Crystal Clear)

Crystal Clear glass is an ultra-clear low iron glass aesthetically beautiful and uncompromising in application. Free from the intrinsic green hue present in clear glass, colours appear more vibrant and stunning when viewed through the unsurpassed clarity of Crystal Clear glass. Look at the slide to see the difference between Crystal Clear and Clear Glass. The green tinge of Clear Glass is very obvious.

Crystal Clear can be used in Painted Splashbacks, Showers Screens, Pool Fencing and Balustrading. The difference is truly amazing.


Available Thicknesses

  • 6mm, 10mm, 12mm

Sheet Size

  • 3660mm x 2440mm

Maximum Panel Size

  • 3875mm x 2210mm

Subject to panel weight being no more than 260Kg

Glass widths greater than 3650mm will incur a 30% surcharge



Why choose Crystal Clear?

The most used application for Low Iron Glass is in Splashbacks. This is essential as you are looking through the glass at the paint and the high iron (green tinge) of clear glass can really spoil the end result. Crystal Clear in a Splashback allows you to see truer colour of the paint beneath.

As well as Splashbacks,  FGS Glass also supply considerable amounts of 10/12mm Crystal Clear Glass into Showers and Pool Fencing/Balustrades. Quite often we spend a considerable amount of money on tiles in our showers. We spend a lot of time picking the exact colour and shade. We then typically install high iron clear glass that has the green tinge, all of a sudden the effect you were trying to create in the Bathroom is lost. Crystal Clear Showers allow the true colour of the Shower enclosure to shine through. This is even more evident if you have installed white tiles. White tiles in a Crystal Clear Shower look white, white tiles in a Standard Clear Shower look green.

The same can be said for your Pool Fence or Balustrade, especially if you have a beautiful view. The green tinge of the Clear Glass can detract from the view you was hoping for. Even the edge of the glass can distract, look at the photos below to see the difference in the edge colours. The cost difference for the glass only, will be approx 40-60% but this is a relatively lesser amount of the overall fully installed price.

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