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FGS Glass only focus on a small part of the Glass Segment. We try not to be ‘all things to all people’ , instead we only focus on the boutique end of the market, only doing the things we know we are good at. Looking for customers that share our values around Customer Service, Doing What You Say, Delivering In Full On Time and striving for High Quality. We have set up Glass Processes to only deliver into our Key Market Segments.

As a result FGS only focus on

  • Heavyweight Showers
  • Pool Fences
  • Balustrades
  • Paint Splashbacks
  • Custom Toughened Laminates

We do not make glass for Windows, either single or double glazed. We also do not make Cut To Size Laminates. As a result of this focus we have tried to invest in the best machines in the market and have built in redundancy to protect our customers. We haven’t invested in Fully Automated processing lines, where people never touch the glass. Or where, if THE machine breaks down the whole line stops, ultimately affecting Customers. Instead we have opted for semi automated solutions, with multiple machines, which means when a machine breaks down, our Customers never feel it. This might not be the most ‘efficient’ solution but we believe in a solution that is best for our Customers.

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Welcome to FGS Glass

FGS Glass are 140 years in the making, with a rich history starting in the wool industry. Initially being formed under the George Fethers banner, FGS are now a stand alone Company.

We pride ourselves on Customer Service, Delivering On Time, High Quality and doing what we say we will. Making FGS your 'First Choice in Glass'. We believe we are the best glass processor in Australia.

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