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FGS Glass have recently become a true ‘One Stop Shop’ for all of your glass needs. After being very successful in the Heavyweight Toughened Market, we thought it would be good for ourselves and our customers to also offer all types of glass for the Window Market. We have consistently demonstrated our commitment to Customer Service, Delivery and Quality and thought it was time to broaden our scope and cover all aspects of the glass processing market. This will ensure that we will be ‘Your 1st Choice for Glass’

As a result FGS focus on

We now offer our exceptional performance to the Window and Laminated Glass market. We hope you place your next order with FGS Glass so you too can experience the FGS Glass difference.

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FGS Glass Processes

Optimising and Programming

FGS Optimise and Program all of their processed glass through an onsite team. We have a highly skilled team with many years of experience. We think they are one of the best teams in the business


FGS Glass recently commissioned a state of the art Stock Selection System and Multiple Cutting Lines. FGS Glass partnered with Biesse and Movetro to create a fantastic holistic solution

Double Glazing

Energy Efficient Glass for all occasions. Single and Double Glazed

CNC Processing

FGS Glass prides itself on being one of the largest CNC Glass Processors in Australia. We have grown the number of CNC machines significantly over the past 4-5 years. FGS Glass recently added Vertical CNC capabilities to their high number of horizontal CNC machines


FGS Glass have had 2 Furnaces since October 2016. FGS have continued to invest in making sure we have capital equipment redundancy in case of planned and unplanned maintenance. This has been part of the reason that FGS have been able to maintain a DIFOT in excess of 99% since 2014


FGS Glass commissioned their new Custom Toughened Laminating Line at the start of March 2018. This new process is complementary to our existing high quality CNC Machines, High Service Levels and also our Hardware offer.  FGS Glass produce Glass Laminates using 5mm to 15mm thick glass, in different substrates, using SGP, PVB, Vanceva and other interlayers

Heat Soaking

Tempering process increases the strength of glass many folds, offering a greater resistance to breakage. However, the raw-materials used in the manufacturing of tempered glass are not free from certain defects like nickel-rich contaminants such as stainless steel might be present, and then combine with sulphur to form nickel sulphide inclusions, which put tempered glass at potential risk of spontaneous breakage


FGS Glass have been painting glass since 2012. At that time we invested in a purpose built building with a state of the art fully automated paint spray line. This line automatically sprays the glass but also bakes the paint through a series of drying ovens. This means our painted glass always has the right coverage and is dry to the touch after 25 minutes, although we recommend waiting 24 hours before installation.


GS Glass operate a delivery and pick up service. Many of our customers don’t have a factory and operate out of their Ute. FGS Glass offer a service where a large number of customers use our facilities as an extension of their own, some customers even have their own glass racks

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Welcome to FGS Glass

FGS Glass are 140 years in the making, with a rich history starting in the wool industry. Initially being formed under the George Fethers banner, FGS are now a stand alone Company.

We pride ourselves on Customer Service, Delivering On Time, High Quality and doing what we say we will. Making FGS your 'First Choice in Glass'. We believe we are the best glass processor in Australia.

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